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CTM Technology group specializes in cloud and data center migration, transformation and consolidation services. We have a proven track record of success with a unique blend of backgrounds and expertise including technical and program management leadership, resources that understand infrastructure and application architecture, and diverse industry experience including highly regulated environments. CTM Technology Group has established methodologies and tools to support cloud and data center migrations, transformations and consolidation efforts.

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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating or building in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud? CTM is proud to be Azure and AWS cloud partners with in-house certified experts to help support your initiatives.

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Data Center Consolidation Services

Data Center Consolidation Services

Consolidation of data center infrastructure and application components is one of the most effective ways to decrease the cost of your business services.

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Data Center Migration Services

Data Center Migration Services

Data Center Migrations are highly visible, strategic programs that must be executed without impacting important business services. CTM Technology Group has the experience, methodology and tools to ensure your success.

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Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud transformation is one of the hottest trends influencing IT decision makers over the past several years. Media will have you believe, if you're not fully embracing cloud, you're doomed to fail.

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IT Discovery

IT Discovery and Mapping Services

IT Discovery provides critical inventories and analysis to aid upcoming cloud and data center migration, consolidation, and transformation efforts.

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IT Decommissioning Services

IT System and Server Decommissioning Services

As hardware is replaced, data migrated to new environments, or systems are archived, IT assets must be fully decommissioned to ensure financial closure and data security.

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Application Mapping

Application Mapping Methodology

CTM Technology Group uses common tools and a comprehensive methodology to discovery all infrastructure assets and align them to the correct business applications.

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Migration Methodology

Migration Methodology

CTM Technology Group has an established and adaptable methodology we leverage to guide organizations through complex data center and cloud initiatives.

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CTM's Migration Wave Planning Tool

Migration Wave Planning Tool

CTM Technology Group has developed a data center and cloud migration tool that automatically clusters applications into move groups and creates a migration schedule based on synchronous dependencies and business requirements.

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Migration Project Management

CTM provides expert migration project management services which includes a well-organized migration plan and a Move Group Plan by application, database, and server.

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