IT System and Server Decommissioning Services

IT System and Server Decommissioning Services

Properly decommissioning IT assets is an important step to be completed as hardware is replaced, data is migrated to a new environment, or systems are archived due to application retirement. Following a comprehensive process ensures financial closure and security of your data.

CTM Technology Group aligns with your teams on the IT decommissioning approach and ensures all systems and servers complete the decommissioning life cycle including data destruction, asset disposal, billing adjustments and contract modifications. Our team leverages cross-platform system inventories and existing technology policies to build the right approach to realize cost savings opportunities.

CTM Technology Group's IT System and Server Decommissioning Services

IT Decommissioning Strategy Alignment

Decommissioning Strategy Alignment

IT Asset Decommission Initiation

Decom Initiation

System and Server Shutdown

System and Server Shutdown

IT Asset Dependency Cleanup

Dependency Cleanup

IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal

IT System Documentation Update

Documentation Update

IT Site Disposition

Site Disposition

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IT and Data Center Cost Reduction

IT and Data Center Cost Reduction

CTM Technology Group can help your organization achieve immediate savings to help fund a cloud transformation program. Data center consolidation initiatives can help reduce your organization’s data center budget by 10 to 20 percent1.

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Data Center Migration and Decommissioning

Data Center Migration and Decommissioning

In support of a company acquisition, CTM Technology Group onboarded and integrated 851 users with the purchasing company, migrated 111 applications to the cloud and corporate data centers, and decommissioned a data center facility and 243 systems.

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CTM's Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

CTM Technology group provides specialized cloud and data center migration, transformation and consolidation services. We use our established methodologies and tools to support these initiatives.

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1 10 IT Cost Optimization Techniques for Private and Public Sector Organizations, Gartner