IT Migrations in Support of Divestiture

IT Migrations in Support of Divestiture

Migrated 5700 users to new Office 365 solution (email, SharePoint, Skype) and a new domain

Migrated or cloned 226 application instances and 800 servers in 21 Move Groups

Split off 22 global domains, 4 data centers, 175 sites and 1860 servers

The Objective


In preparation for a divestiture, all infrastructure services in 8 global data centers and 300 sites had to be split prior to the close date. User access and support had to be segmented. Applications, servers, and data had to be cloned or migrated to new facilities.

The Challenge


There were significant delays and changes in identifying whether users, applications and sites were to remain with the company or would be divested. Many legacy application subject-matter experts were no longer available to assist with application changes or migration efforts.

The Results

THE RESULTS - IT Migrations Supporting Divestiture

In advance of the divestiture, we organized efforts to implement Office 365 and migrate approximately 5700 users to a new email, Skype, and SharePoint solution. We coordinated efforts to create a new MDM environment and migrate 2800 users to the new platform. We directed the effort to apply a new configuration to a secondary ServiceNow instance and migrate all users remaining with the company to the new support tool. CTM managed the effort to build new backup, monitoring and VDI platforms for infrastructure environments remaining with the company. We migrated or cloned 226 application instances and 800 servers in 21 Move Groups to new data centers, domains, IP’s and/or vCenters. We built and migrated infrastructure services to a new colocation cage. CTM migrated 5700 user machines to a new domain, migrated user and department file shares to Box and application and large department file shares to new data center locations. 22 of 41 corporate domains, 4 of 8 global data centers and 175 of over 300 global sites were divested. 1860 servers across 47 sites were also divested. We split network, security, voice, desktop sharing, conferencing, and video solutions across data centers and sites.

Despite changing close dates and decisions on what was to remain or be divested, we successfully split all infrastructure services a couple months in advance of the divestiture close date, ensuring continued business access to critical applications, tools, and support.

The complexity of a divestiture increases exponentially based on the quantity and integration of systems and users to be divested. Communication across all IT teams, between the seller and buyer IT organizations, and between the business and IT is vital. Thorough up-front planning and a complete review of IT assets and dependencies will enable success.

CTM Technology Group provides application mapping, data center and cloud migration, and specialized project management services to support IT migrations required for divestitures. Contact us to for more information on our Services.

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