Data Center Migration Services

Data Center Migration Services

Data Center migrations are highly visible, strategic initiatives that must be completed without impacting critical business services. Success requires a comprehensive migration methodology, detailed planning and an experienced technical team.

Data Center Migration Plan

Data Center Migration Plan

As part of the planning process, CTM works with our customers to estimate migration costs, including infrastructure, application, and vendor resources. Historically, over 50 percent of data center migrations exceed budget, and this is generally due to lack of planning and expertise. Based on the complexity of the applications in scope, the level of legacy system technical debt and resource maturity, we can help you more accurately determine the cost and time to migrate.

CTM provides specialized Migration Project Management Services to support data center relocation efforts. This includes financial management, status reporting, change control tracking, move group plans, and risk management.

Migration Services

Migration Services

For most organizations, a data center move is one of the most complex initiatives an IT team will take on. Risk can be exceedingly high since this has the potential to impact any business application being supported by compute, databases, file servers, storage, or networking.

Gartner notes that seven out of ten data center migrations will incur significant delays or unplanned downtime. While risks are high, working with the right resources, approach and experience can make all the difference. Gartner, in a 2017 article, recommends “leveraging specialist migration partners to support or augment enterprise resources.”

CTM Technology group has the experience, methodology, tools and business acumen to guide your organization through this key effort and minimize your risks. Check out our Success Stories for example case studies.

CTM's Methodology

Migration Methodology

Gartner also highlights that “established methodologies can accelerate project activities”. CTM's Migration Methodology is a step-by-step process for effectively planning, designing, and executing successful migrations. Ever evolving to support today's hybrid environments, our methodology provides a repeatable framework that can be adjusted based on an organization's needs.

If you have never performed a migration, or you're not sure where to start - We can help! Contact us for more information on our Data Center Migration Services.

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Application Mapping

Application Mapping Methodology

CTM Technology Group consolidates and evaluates all your inventories and data to provide a comprehensive list of systems, applications, and interdependency mapping.

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Data Center Migration Methodology

Migration Methodology

CTM's Migration Methodology is an established and flexible process for successfully planning, designing, and executing data center migrations.

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CTM's Migration Wave Planning Tool

Migration Wave Planning Tool

Are you preparing to migrate your applications and systems to a new data center? CTM's Migration Wave Planning Tool automatically creates move groups and a migration schedule based on application dependencies and critical business requirements.

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Data Center Migration Success Story

Case Study

CTM successfully finished two data center migrations two months ahead of schedule, migrating 750 application instances and 900 servers in 20 weeks. We increased the anticipated cost savings with the quick execution and a large decommissioning effort.

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Technical Analysis

6 Strategies for Successful Data Center and Cloud Migrations

Data Center migration initiatives require unique planning, resources, and processes due to their complexity and cross-functional nature. Check out these six strategies to guide your organization through a data center migration program.

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Data Center and Cloud Migration Consultants

The Right Migration Consultants

Consultants proficient at migrating systems and applications to new data centers will minimize business impact, rework, and expenditures.

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