Data Center Migration and Decommissioning Post Acquisition

Data Center Migration and Decommissioning Post Acquisition

Migrated 111 applications to the cloud and corporate data centers and 32 TB of file share data to Box and data centers

Onboarded and migrated over 800 users to O365 and Okta and deployed corporate standards to acquired offices and manufacturing sites

Decommissioned a data center, 243 systems, all legacy domains, Okta environments and SharePoint sites

The Objective


Following the acquisition of a company, users needed to be integrated with the purchasing company. Acquired infrastructure and applications needed to be migrated to corporate data centers, the cloud, and standard infrastructure solutions. One of the two data center facilities had to be fully decommissioned.

The Challenge


Post acquisition, application integration took priority over migrating applications to corporate data centers and the cloud. Application subject-matter experts were not always available due to employee attrition and competing projects. CTM partnered with the application teams to minimized their required involvement and simplify the migration process.


THE RESULTS - Data Center Migration and Decommissioning

To support the integration, we established domain trusts and network connectivity to two data centers and to the acquired offices. 851 legacy users were onboarded in Okta and 339 users enrolled devices in Mobile Iron. We deployed Skype for Business to acquired users and offices, and we created Office 365 accounts for onboarded employees and contingent workers. We migrated 111 applications to the cloud and corporate data centers. In addition, we migrated 422 US users, 114 international, and 87 manufacturing workstations to the corporate standard. 32 TB of file share data was migrated to Box and data centers. Shared mailboxes and 810 user mailboxes were migrated to Office 365. Mimecast was migrated to evCloud. WiFi, application Okta and SharePoint migrations were also executed. In addition, we decommissioned 243 systems, legacy domains, distribution lists, Okta environments, SharePoint sites, VDI pools and a data center facility.

Gartner advises organizations not to "underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve cost savings from M&A." Following an acquisition, there are many competing priorities and a limited time to utilize integration budgets. Application teams may prioritize application integration efforts while Infrastructure teams prioritize end user access, infrastructure consolidation and standardizing support.

CTM can support your organization through these integration initiatives, including data center migration and decommissioning. We can guide you through the financial planning process and help you effectively utilize your budget while consolidating your resources. Contact us for more information on our Services and Solutions.

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