Data Center evacuation with AWS and Azure cloud migrations

Data Center Evacuation with AWS and Azure Cloud Migrations

Evacuated all assets in company owned data center in 10 months and 20 Move Groups

Migrated 323 applications on 913 servers including 208 VMs to AWS VMC and VDI environment to Azure

Retired 628 servers (40% of server inventory)

The Objective


The facilities department had to terminate a building lease hosting an IT data center, prompting the relocation of all assets within a 10-month timeframe. This required executing a like-for-like migration to ensure consistency with the original data center environment. With 1537 servers needing identification and categorization based on associated applications, the next step involved determining migration target locations aligned with business and technical requirements. To streamline the process and reduce unnecessary overhead, unused applications were slated for retirement or archival. Additionally, the relocation of the global network hub for legacy business operations to another corporate data center was imperative. Proper disposal of physical assets, including servers and hardware, in compliance with regulations and security protocols was essential. Meeting these objectives necessitated meticulous planning, coordination, and execution across multiple teams and departments.

The Challenge


The company had previously engaged in data center migration initiatives that proved unsuccessful. Numerous application subject matter experts were no longer available, and the application dependencies posed significant complexity. The CMDB data was outdated, and several crucial internal program resources were no longer accessible. Additionally, migration windows were constrained by quarterly and annual freeze periods.


THE RESULTS - Successful Data Center Evacuation and AWS and Azure Migration

In 20 Move Groups, a total of 913 servers and 323 applications were successfully migrated, with 208 VMs moved to VMware Cloud on AWS (AWS VMC). Additionally, file shares hosted on Unity and Isilon were transferred to another corporate data center. Furthermore, a new VDI environment was established within Azure and existing VDI resources were relocated from the data center to Azure. In addition, 628 servers that were no longer needed were decommissioned, and all physical assets, including critical infrastructure like the AS400 environment and Avaya voice infrastructure, were relocated, with remaining hardware disposed of appropriately.

Following the highly successful migration, the company enlisted CTM Technology Group to undertake further migration endeavors for the organization. With proven success, our skilled CTM team can handle your Data Center Migration needs. Let's get started!

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