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Data Center and Cloud Migration Wave Planning Tool

You have completed your discovery mapping effort and are now ready to move your systems and applications to the cloud or another data center. How do you determine which applications move together and when they should move? You may have hundreds or thousands of dependencies, volume limits, regulatory requirements, and business considerations to account for. Arbitrarily selecting systems to move could result in significant performance issues and accidentally bring down applications, and your business is expecting a seamless transition. Most organizations spend hundreds of hours manually identifying move groups or waves for a cloud or data center migration.

Cloud Migration Services

Wave Planning Tool

CTM Technology Group has developed a data center and cloud migration tool that automatically clusters applications into move groups and creates a migration schedule based on synchronous dependencies and business requirements. All the critical components of an application and dependent applications are identified and put into a cluster, such as database dependencies and related applications. Lower environments for an application are scheduled for migration prior to production. If critical financial systems cannot be migrated at the end of a quarter or the end of the month, this is factored into the scheduling. If your application or engineering resources are limited or on vacation during a period, this is addressed.

Cloud Migration Services

Migration Schedule

CTM’s Migration Wave Planning Tool takes all the discovery mapping information and your business requirements and creates a migration schedule in minutes! Leveraging this tool, we guarantee appropriate sequencing, manageable volumes, and flexibility around business-critical activities. With this automation, not only do you save time and manual effort, but it eliminates human error, reducing your risk. Your migration schedule will be accurate, and all dependencies will be accounted for.

Data Center and Cloud Migration Services

Data Center and Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud all offer discovery tools and migration management tools, however, none of them provide a solution for developing a migration schedule incorporating your critical business rules. CTM Technology Group addresses this gap with our Migration Wave Planning Tool. We leverage our tool as a part of the data center and cloud migration services we provide, or we can deliver a migration schedule as an à la carte service.

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Migration Project Management

Project Management Services

CTM specializes in providing project management services for data center and cloud migrations, tailored to your organization’s requirements.

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Migration Methodology

Migration Methodology

Data Center and Cloud migrations can be complex initiatives. CTM Technology Group has an established and flexible methodology for effectively planning, designing, and executing migration programs.

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Application Mapping

Application Mapping Methodology

CTM delivers a cohesive list of systems, applications, and interdependency mapping by leveraging our comprehensive methodology and common discovery tools.

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How to Create a Move Group Plan

Regardless of your migration strategy, you must create a plan that identifies the order or sequence in which applications and systems will be migrated. Here are some key considerations for creating a migration schedule with accurate sequencing to prevent unplanned outages and application performance issues.

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