Data Center and Cloud Migration Project Management

Data Center and Cloud Migration Project Management

CTM Technology Group provides specialized project management services to support data center and cloud migrations. We are proficient in traditional and agile project management and have many years of experience leading data center and cloud migration initiatives. Our cross-functional skills help bring organizations together to successfully execute these programs. We partner with our customers to deliver reports and plans based on organizational requirements, and use our expertise managing large programs to keep deliverables and budgets on track.


Communication is a top priority. We provide detailed, summary, and executive status reports and hold weekly meetings for executives and project stakeholders.

Activity Calendar

CTM creates and manages a comprehensive Migration Project Plan (WBS) to track all activities from initiation to close out to be completed as a part of the migration.


We create and track monthly and weekly migration calendar activities for application and system migrations.


Leveraging our Migration Wave Planning Tool, we provide a Move Group Plan by application, database and system, based on application dependencies and critical business requirements.

Task List

Within each Move Group, we create, track, and ensure completion of each Move Group task.


We coordinate and manage communication and status between application, business, and infrastructure teams as we plan and execute each Move Group.


CTM Technology Group ensures we have consensus on the Data Center or Cloud Migration Strategy and any required Quality Assurance documentation.


We create and manage a Change Control, Test Plan, and IT Asset Decommissioning Tracker to ensure the proper procedures are followed, necessary documentation is created and approved, and assets are fully decommissioned.


CTM generates and manages Action, Issue and Risk Logs for the Data Center or Cloud Migration project.


We provide Financial Management, including creating a cost estimate for the migration and tracking the budget through the completion of the project.


CTM holds Retrospectives with project participants following each Move Group and at the end of the project to evaluate progress and continually improve.

Data Center and Cloud Migration Tool

Migration Wave Planning Tool

Accelerate your cloud or data center migration with our Migration Wave Planning Tool. It creates a migration schedule in minutes!

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Project Management Success

3 Tips to Project Management Success

Three tips to steer your project to success: ask the right questions, lead your team, and continually and effectively communicate.

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Application Migration Status
Sample Application Migration Status

Data Center and Cloud Migration Project Plan
Sample Pre-Migration Project Plan

Data Center and Cloud Migration Project Plan Sample
Sample Move Group Activities Plan

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Data Center or Cloud Migration Move Group Plan

How to Create a Data Center or Cloud Migration Move Group Plan

Here are some key considerations for creating a data center or cloud migration schedule with accurate sequencing to prevent unplanned outages and application performance issues.

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IT Integration and Migration Following Acquisition

IT Integration and Migration Success Story

Following a business unit acquisition, CTM migrated 41 applications to Azure and colocations and integrated three sites and 941 users with the new company.

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Migration Methodology

Migration Methodology

Our ever-evolving migration methodology supports today's hybrid environments and provides a repeatable framework that can be adjusted based on a company’s needs.

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