CTM Technology Group Success Stories

CTM's Success Stories

Review CTM Technology Group’s success stories for examples of how we helped organizations migrate to new data centers and the cloud, separate assets during divestitures, integrate following acquisitions, consolidate application footprints, decommission systems and data centers, and transform support and operation teams.

Data Center Migration Case Study

Data Center Migration

CTM completed two data center migrations, migrating 750 application instances and 900 servers in 20 weeks. The program completed two months ahead of schedule and contained a large decommissioning effort.

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IT Migrations in Support of Divestiture

CTM migrated or cloned 226 application instances and 800 servers in 21 Move Groups. Split off 22 global domains, 4 data centers, 175 sites and 1860 servers in advance of the divestiture close date.

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IT Integration and Migration Following Acquisition

IT Integration and Migration

CTM integrated three locations and 941 users from an acquired business unit with the new company and migrated 41 applications to colocations and Azure despite an uncooperative parent company.

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Company Acquisition

Data Center Migration and Decommissioning

Following an acquisition, CTM onboarded and integrated 851 users with the new company, migrated 111 applications to the cloud and corporate data centers, and decommissioned 243 systems.

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Support Transition

IT Service Transition

CTM worked with a third-party support services provider and the customer to train approximately 30 resources to provide support for a legacy environment with over 1200 servers/devices.

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Operations Process Improvement

IT Operations Process Improvement

CTM organized and supported the organization in resolving 16 major areas of end user pain points including login and access issues, network performance and connectivity, and application reliability.

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