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Data Center or Cloud Migration Move Group Plan

How to Create a Data Center or Cloud Migration Move Group Plan

Are you preparing to migrate your applications and systems to the cloud or a new data center? Here are a few insights for generating a migration schedule with accurate sequencing to avoid unexpected outages and application performance issues.

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Data Center Migration Strategies

6 Strategies for Successful Data Center and Cloud Migrations

Data Center and Cloud migration programs require unique preparation, resources, and processes due to the complexity and the cross-functional nature of the effort. Here are a few strategies to leverage that will set your course in the right direction.

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Hidden Costs in Cloud Migrations

How to Tackle Hidden Cloud Migration Costs

Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud have calculators to help estimate future cost of services following migrations, however, there is more to consider. Here are a few things to incorporate into your program budget when transitioning to the cloud or even another data center.

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IT and Data Center Cost Reduction

IT and Data Center Cost Reduction

A focus on IT and data center cost reduction is important as organizations prepare for cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

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Data Center and Cloud Migration Consultants

The Right Migration Consultants

Consultants proficient at migrating systems and applications to new data centers and the cloud will help minimize business impact, rework, and costs.

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Project Management Success

3 Tips to Project Management Success

Three tips to steer your project to success: ask questions, lead your team, and communicate.

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