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Consolidation of infrastructure and application components is one of the most common and effective approaches to reduce the cost of your business services. If you're not realizing the benefits of virtualization in your IT environments - We can help!

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Transformation to cloud services is one of the hottest trends influencing IT decision makers over the past several years. Cloud provides some exceptional business value, but organizations and CIO's need to be aware of the potential pitfalls cloud can bring. If you're not sure where to start - We can help!

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Data Center migrations are highly visible, strategic initiatives that must be completed without impacting critical business services. Success requires a comprehensive migration methodology, detailed planning and an experienced technical team. If you've never performed a migration - We can help!

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CTM was vital to the success of our Digital Transformation Programs

"CTM Technology Group was vital to the success of our Digital Transformation Programs."

CTO & Vice President of Business Technology and Infrastructure
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Specializing in migration, transformation and consolidation services

From application dependency mapping to asset decommissioning, CTM Technology Group leads organizations through the entire process of migrating to cloud or a new data center, consolidating infrastructure and transforming IT environments. Our core focus is supporting companies of all shapes and sizes transform their data centers and cloud environments into more cost-effective operating units.

Cloud Services

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating or building in Azure, AWS, or GCP? CTM Technology Group is proud to be AWS and Azure cloud partners with in-house certified experts to help support your needs.

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IT Discovery

IT Discovery and Mapping Services

CTM provides asset discovery, analysis and recommendations to aid in future migration, consolidation or transformation activities.

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IT System and Server Decommissioning

IT System and Server Decommissioning Services

CTM Technology Group will align with your teams on the decommissioning approach and ensure assets complete the decommissioning life cycle.

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Leveraging our proven methodologies and robust toolset

Our experienced people, proven methodology, and robust toolset can help your team develop a strategy that’s right for your organization. Whether your company is taking on a simple migration, consolidation to the cloud or a complex application transformation initiative, our team can help.

Application Mapping

Application Mapping Methodology

CTM Technology Group will identify your infrastructure assets and align them with the appropriate business applications.

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Migration Methodology

Migration Methodology

Migration programs can be complex initiatives. CTM Technology Group has a proven, well-defined and adaptable methodology to help your company be successful.

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CTM's Migration Wave Planning Tool

Migration Wave Planning Tool

CTM’s Migration Wave Planning Tool creates a cloud or data center migration schedule in minutes! Automating and simplifying the migration move group planning process.

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Migration Project Management

Migration Project Management

CTM Technology Group provides specialized project management services to support migrations.

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CTM Technology Group's Success Stories

CTM's Success Stories

CTM has helped organizations migrate to new data centers and the cloud, separate assets during divestitures, integrate organizations following acquisitions, and transform their operations and support teams.

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CTM's Insights

CTM's Insights

Read our briefs and articles with helpful tips to guide your organization through transformational programs.

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